Bankruptcy Solicitors

Bankruptcy is a possible resolution for an individual when dealing with debt that is unpayable. Bankruptcy Solicitors can advise you throughout the entirety of this complex process, in a way that ensures your assets are protected.

Prior to declaring bankruptcy, a Bankruptcy Solicitor can work alongside you to conclude on deciding factors that may determine whether there’s another way out of your debt problems. Through utilising our directory of highly experienced Bankruptcy Solicitors, clients gain a wealth of knowledge of bankruptcy and the day-to-day differences that may become apparent after declaration.

Bankruptcy solicitors strive to ensure that the client isn’t overwhelmed by the situation at hand, taking on the strain of various tasks, such as application processing. Though some individuals may find it easier than others to carry out certain specifications during the bankruptcy process, the aid of a bankruptcy solicitor shouldn’t be overlooked. Without emotional involvement, bankruptcy solicitors apply their expertise with the sole purpose of aiding the client, applying their extensive knowledge about bankruptcy and the surrounding laws.

Solicitors Near Me offer a bespoke service, matching a Bankruptcy Solicitor to you and your needs. Our directory of bankruptcy solicitors is not only extensive but also filled with highly experienced specialists that have aided many individuals through bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Solicitors For Commercial Insolvency

The use of a bankruptcy solicitor gives you access to specialists that can assist in all stages of corporate bankruptcy. 

Bankruptcy solicitors are able to provide advice and assistance in regards to the full range of corporate insolvency disputes:

  • Advising struggling companies on their duties, responsibilities, liabilities and risks presented by insolvency. Taking timely advice from bankruptcy solicitors can avoid serious issues later on.
  • Acting on behalf of companies and it’s directors in respect of claims brought by Corporate Insolvency Practitioners, Official Receivers or Liquidators that have arisen from the insolvency. There are many actions bankruptcy solicitors can take against directors personally. Claims include wrongful or fraudulent trading, misfeasance (breach of duty) including negligence, unlawful dividends, preferences and transactions at an undervalue.
  • Acting on behalf of companies and creditors wishing to purchase assets, goodwill and trading names from insolvent companies and, where necessary, creating new companies from which to trade.

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