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When a shareholder dispute arises between the individuals involved in owner-managed businesses, the help of a Commercial Litigation Solicitor Manchester can be a huge benefit for each party involved.

Solicitors Near Me match you with a Commercial Litigation Solicitor Manchester to work alongside you, taking on the strain and simplifying the process. Whether the dispute stems from disagreements over control and management of the company, from money being unfairly paid out, or from the breach of a shareholders agreement, we have an extended directory of Commercial Litigation Solicitors Manchester with experience in handling various disputes.


We recognise that every shareholder dispute in Manchester is different. In some cases, the best or only way to achieve a satisfactory resolution will be through litigation in the courts with the assistance of a Commercial Litigation Solicitor Manchester. In other cases, a better outcome can be achieved by agreement between the shareholders and restructuring the ownership arrangements. Using Solicitors Near Me, you can be matched with highly qualified Commercial Litigation Solicitors Manchester that apply their extensive knowledge to handle your case with your best interests in mind.

How Commercial Litigation Solicitors Manchester Can Help

Shareholder disputes in Manchester can be dealt with in a variety of ways, depending on the very nature of the dispute and ongoing relationships, or lack of, between each party. Manchester Commercial Litigation Solicitors are seasoned professionals, with no emotional involvement. This is a huge benefit when dealing with a client’s personal matters.

A common resolution will involve one of the parties involved being bought out by other shareholders, who will then continue to run the business. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there are a variety of processes Manchester Commercial Litigation Solicitors can aid with, including the following:

Contentious Possibilities

  • Unfair prejudice petition, if the company’s affairs are conducted in a manner that is unfairly prejudicial to the interest of all or some of the members of the company.
  • Derivative action, if wrong has been committed but the directors are unable or unwilling to pursue it themselves (e.g. because they are the perpetrators, through breach of trust or director’s duties)
  • Just and equitable winding up of the company
  • Actions against directors for breach of duties

Our directory allows you to be put in contact with a Commercial Litigation Solicitor Manchester that can handle disputes in a reasoned and lawful manner, with the use of various strategies and proven methods.

Negotiable Options

  • Straight forward buyout by the continuing shareholders, with flexibility as to the timing of payment (e.g. deferred payments if the consideration is not readily available)
  • Purchase of own shares by the company (out of the company’s own distributable profits before they are distributed to shareholders)
  • Purchase by a new holding company (and a share for share exchange of the existing shareholders)
  • Demerger - the business is split up and transferred into the names of different shareholders, so that each takes ownership and control of a different element of the business.

The added flexibility of a negotiable agreement can allow the parties to structure the transaction tax efficiently. Regardless of the situation, our Commercial Litigation Solicitors Manchester are highly skilled in their respective field, with extensive experience in similar scenarios to yours.

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    Commercial litigation Location is any dispute with a corporate or business involvement, either between owners or between companies. A breach of contract could cause commercial litigation, along with shareholder and partnership disputes. Commercial litigation often takes much longer to solve, given the parties involved, and the claims can be complex. 

    Stakes are high with commercial litigation, with a possible international impact during the case. Overseas businesses can become involved, making a commercial litigation resolution much more difficult to navigate. Solicitors will be appointed to the case should it go to court, with the aim to resolve the issue.

    Commercial litigation solicitor Location costs are often dictated by the hour, with additional fees should the matter go to court. The average hourly cost of a solicitor in the UK is £110 to £300, depending on the location and the level of experience. The longer a commercial litigation solicitor Location spends on your case, the more it will cost. For solicitors, time is money. An entire day in court could cost anywhere around £1500 in solicitor fees, all depending on the individual and their hourly rates.

    Commercial litigation location is a dispute between two businesses or companies that requires legal involvement. Any kind of corporate dispute is classified as commercial litigation and these cases can take longer to resolve. 

    Civil litigation is a dispute between two people, often with a financial gain or reimbursement from one to the other. Civil disputes are much easier and quicker to resolve, with lower costs and a less complex solution. Whilst the preparation and layout of civil litigation disputes are quite similar to commercial ones in Location, the details involved are very different.

    Commercial litigation Location involves a disagreement or contention between corporations, and covers any kind of corporation dispute. It often includes solicitors and court proceedings, if the parties can’t resolve the issue themselves, working towards a solution for all involved. 

    Commercial litigation solicitors Location will deal with issues such as: 

    • Shareholder Disputes
    • Contractual Disputes
    • Professional Negligence
    • Employee Rights
    • Patent Law
    • Consumer Protection

    As well as any other issues that might arise in the workplace.

    Complex commercial litigation Location is no different than commercial litigation location, except the former is most often used in the U.S. The term “complex” signifies how much more complicated commercial disputes are than civil ones, given the time it takes and the legislation involved. Commercial litigation often deals with international corporations, and so must accommodate the rules and regulations for businesses overseas.

    If you are dealing with a business or corporate dispute, whatever the issue, commercial litigation solicitors Location can help solve the issue. They are trained in resolving every kind of disagreement in a business context. Commercial litigation solicitors Location can resolve issues such as: 

    • Commercial Property Disputes
    • Debt Recovery
    • Contractual Disputes
    • Civil RICO Claims (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act)
    • Joint Venture Disputes
    • Class Actions

    As commercial litigation is often more complex and time-consuming, by investing in a commercial litigation solicitor Location you can resolve the issue much quicker.

    A commercial litigation location case will be taken to court if the disputes cannot be resolved alternatively. Once this decision has been made, a solicitor will prepare the case with witness statements, evidence, disclosures and statements of case. This takes place before the dispute reaches trial, with a pre-trial review, skeleton arguments, then the trial itself. Skeleton arguments summarise their side of the dispute, which will be given to the appointed judge. 

    The length of the trial depends on the altercation and the parties involved. Commercial litigation often takes longer to resolve, and so could take weeks or even months before a judgement is reached. During this time, each party will make their case with the assistance of their commercial litigation solicitor Location. Often, the final judgement isn’t announced in court but instead after the trial has drawn to a close. This is because many commercial litigation cases are complex, and the judge is given time to examine all evidence and submissions before a decision is made.